Micro Finance Software

₹ 61500 ₹ 70000
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SMS & Email Yes
Reminder & Alert Yes
EMI Management Yes
Staff Login Yes
Employee Yes
Payroll Yes
Branch Management Yes
Personalized Mobile APP Yes
Custom Domain Yes
Custom Module Yes
Unlimited Login Yes


Manage Customer,Agent Management, Loan, Multiple Interest,EMI Management,Staff Login,Employee,Payroll,Branch Management, Late Fine, Accounts with Mobile APP.

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☀Fully customizable, feature rich, GST Ready, easy to learn and use Micro Finance Solution for any size and strength. Fast, Secure and reliable with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

☀ Request custom module for FREE. Unlimited user with multi level of security with Agent and Customer login facility.

SMS & EmailYes
Reminder & AlertYes
EMI ManagementYes
Staff LoginYes
Branch ManagementYes
Personalized Mobile APPYes
Custom DomainYes
Custom ModuleYes
Unlimited LoginYes
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